Giddy up for Mi’raj – Passport and Boarding Passes

I just LOVE the whole journey of Mi’raj. It’s one of the most fascinating yet real event. In my opinion it beats any Disney or Pixar production! It was one of my first demonstration back in the days when Z n Z were little – The Journey of Mi’raj. Subsequently, we enjoyed making a feature wall of it two years back.

This year I thought it’d be great to make it as real as possible and they’re going to imagine that have been extremely lucky to be chosen to travel with the Holy Prophet SAWW on his special horse Buraq! Yaay!

For that, I made a pretend passport and some boarding passes. The boarding pass stubs will test their knowledge about the prophets and inshA will broaden their understanding of this journey and who the Holy Prophet SAWW met along the way. (source:

I’m going to set up little stations- pictures to follow – with a little object and Qur’an Ayaahs about that Prophet and some hands-on activities like stitching for P.Idris’s station, where they can hand in their boarding passes.

Buckle up and sit tight, we’re off for a magical Mi’raj!


Download a printable version of the Passport and Boarding Passes


boarding pass



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