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We’ve been a little laid back at doing some Juma recommended acts recently and since these awesome days of Mahe Rajab are slipping away, thought I’d make a little reminder for all of us.

I likened Friday to a rainbow, as it is the best of days, and should be as joyous as Eid – Holy Prophet SAWW.
And we love rainbows :))

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Each colour of the rainbow represents one recommended act for Juma (this is not the entire list, I’ve picked the ones we can realistically perform). Based on the Shia recommended acts

For each act they complete they can put up the colour arch on the fridge

2. Rain – these are our good deeds for the day which should be loads and loads (countless) and just like the rain.
Also just as the rain benefits others, our deeds should bring Pleasure to Allah and benefit His creation :))

Again for each good deed they perform they can put up a rain drop for it

3. Clouds – these are things that make us feel warm and fuzzy such as remembering the Imam of our time, hugging family

4. The sun – the dhikr of Allah! And how perfectly it fits together – the Asmaul Husna for Friday Ya Nooru couldn’t have been represented by a moreperfect example but the sun SubhanA!!

Friday Rainbow

Here’s How

1. I made a template. Available to download and print from here

2. Got them to colour in.

3. Laminated, cut each arch, cloud, rain drop etc and stuck some magnets using a hot glue gun
(see Daily Asmaul Husna Pegs for free magnets)

It’ll inshA serve as a visual aid to encourage us to perform the recommended Friday acts.

InshA I now I can sit back and watch as their beautiful Friday Ibadaat rainbows decorate the fridge and their little souls. And mine inshA!!

Hope you’re having an awesome Juma inshA!


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