Eid el Ghadeer Story Chest

Shia Post: Eid el Ghadeer Story and Passing Game

This went quite well Alhamd!
The objectives of this activity were:
1. Relate the event of Ghadeer
2. Differentiate between Nabuwwah and Imamah
3. Revise about our Awesome Prophets
4. Introduce and learn the Ghadeer Quran verse and other verses previously done Nabuwwah and Immamah

So I started with an empty container which we decorated and named The Islamic treasure chest.

Then I told them how Allah SWT kept filling this treasure chest with messages brought by our awesome prophets.

One by one the kids got to fill the treasure chest with objects and lessons from our Awesome Prophets Activity in chronological order I.e: from P.Adam to P.Muhammed PBUT
(Awesome Prophets Activity: http://tjannah.com/category/prophets/)

We saw the treasure chest getting full with wonderful lessons and messages for mankind.

The last and Holy Prophet SAWW appointed I.Ali (as) as his successor (silhouette for demo and his fanous words – Man Kuntu…) at a place called Khum after his last Hajj.
Because surely Allah leaves no generation without a leader!

That is when the lid of this treasure chest was closed and SEALED.

Hence Jibraeel brought the down verse 3 from Suratul Maida.

So what happened to the treasure chest? How did people continue to get these messages after the H.Prophet SAWW?

That is what Imams did and continue to do.

They CARRY this treasure chest of messages to people until today where our 12th Imam atf continues to guide us.

Imams did not bring a new message, they simply carried and showed us by their excellent morals how to live and be close to Allah.

The kids got to pass on the SEALED treasure chest and one by one, pretending to be that Imam (say the number, name where they are buried) and pass on the treasure.

The Prophets were messengers who brought messages from Allah where Imams are carriers that pass on these messages until the end of the world.

The visual aids and esp sealing of the chest really helped them understand Nabuwwah and Immamah.

Eid Mubarak and iltimase Dua



Download a printable for a paper treasure chest, Prophets Gems and the ayat and famous saying to illustrate the sealing of the chest

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