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Here is experiment 2 of 4 in our series of Experiments, which examines the hadith of I.Ali (as),

‘Dua is a Shield for the Believers’ – ‘Ad Dua at Tursul Mu’min’ ~ I.Ali (as)

In this experiment, we examined the concept of Dua through a buoyancy experiment involving fruits. We also looked at the properties of fruits especially the fruit skin.

pics 21.04.14 1931

Materials Needed:

– An orange (whole not cut up). Label it as Dua with a sharpie
– A wide selection of different fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries, figs, etc to be able to cut through
– A wide and tall vase or jug
– Water

Here’s How:

1. We started off by looking at the different fruits we had and the function of the skin. We looked at the fruits as a whole then cut them up to see the skin from a cross-section of the fruit

pics 21.04.14 1940

Some intriguing questions I asked:
Show me the fruit’s skin
What does the fruit skin do?
How does it protect the fruit?
Do different fruits have different skins?
Is it true that the heavier fruits perhaps have thicker skins? Why is that so? etc etc

2. Next, I filled a jar with water and asked the kids to plonk the orange into it.

3. We observed that the orange floated happily.
No matter how much we pushed it down, it kept coming back up.

pics 21.04.14 1928

3. I then peeled the orange and asked the kids to pop it back into the water

4. It sunk. We waited. It never came up :(
pics 21.04.14 1930

5. That’s when I turned and explained that the duas we recite and whisper and think are just like the skins of the fruits.
They protect us.
They always keep us guarded.
They always make us rise high.
They help us overcome others’ power and forces too. No matter how much someone pushes us down, if we are constantly connected to Allah SWT through Dua (and our wajibaats), then we’ll always be shielded.

The conclusion: Dua is a Shield for the Mu’min.


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One thought on “Dua is a Shield For the Believers

  • Mohdessa

    A great experience MA
    I had a small question. When you discuss about dua with your children, is it any special dua or it is to talk to Allah sw? Is it possible to explain me a little more about it please? Do you have a way to teach them how to make dua as they are still young?
    I m also looking for a story, thought about prophet Ayyoub, but if you have any other idea, can you please share? Thanks a lot… Your work inspires me a lot…. (And waiting for yours tools for salaat, without reward :-))
    Iltemas duas