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On a roll with making all things Holy Kaaba (see Paper Chain Holy Kaaba), I shared my very vague thoughts of making a scented Holy Kaaba candle, with my daughter.

She got really excited and wouldn’t let it go.

When she reminded me of how much fun she had making the ‘Missing Home Crayons’, mummy guilt came over and I suddenly didn’t dread going out getting some supplies and cleaning up the mess after.

So here we are, A Scented DIY Candle made from broken crayons and some tea light wax : )

Materials Used:

– A cube shaped glass jar (Dollar Tree have them)
– Lots and lots of dark crayons, I used dark broken crayons for the black layer and ran out so I used some tea light wax.
– About 8-10 yellow crayons depending on the size of your jar
– 2 aluminum cans
– 2-3 chopsticks or bamboo skewers
– A water bath
– Gold and Silver Glitter
In addition, I used:
– Black Candy color or any oil-based non-toxic color. Normal water-based oil color won’t work
– Wick with a clip – I used a ready made one, as it cost the same as making it myself
– Scented oil – I used Sweat Pea

materials kaaba candle

How we did it:

Layer one: Black
1. Peeled and further snapped all the crayons, all darks into one can and the yellows into another
2. I made a water bath and let it heat up
3. Placed the wick in the center of the jar and secured it in place with a wooden peg
4. Started to melt the dark colored crayons
5. Added nearly half tub of the food color and stirred
6. Added nearly half of the scented oil into the melted wax
7. Poured 2/3 of the wax carefully into the glass jar, and letting it cool completely. Saved the 1/3 wax for the last layer

Layer Two:
8. Make sure the black layer is completely cool and covers all the spaces before preparing for this layer. If not all spaces are covered, repeat another thin black layer
9. Melted the yellow crayons over the water bath
10. Added the glitter (a whole little pot) and stirred
11. Added 10 drops of scented oil and stirred again
12. Poured over the cooled black layer and let the second layer cool completely

Layer Three:
13. Reheated the black wax over the water bath
14. Added a few more drops of scented oil to revive the smell
15. Poured over the cooled yellow layer and waited

And voila! When we woke up this morning, the Kaaba Candle was cooled and smelling absolutely gorgeous!

Maybe next time I might attempt the details like door, Hajrul Aswad etc with wax, who knows!

But for now, I’ll let the kids doodle the details on the glass jar

Don’t think we’ll be using this one, this one’s for keeping : )

scented Kaaba candle


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