Consolidating the Events of Kerbala Using Legos

As the daily Majlises come to an end, it’s time we consolidate what happened at Kerbala and internalize the lessons learned.

For a boy who doesn’t learn much from worksheets or sitting down, we’re using Legos to recall the events (one by one) of Ashura and InshA recapping and really drilling in on the lessons learned from there (see advent calendar)

Here is a scene of H.Abbas on the lap of I.Hussein (as) during his final moments.

H.Abbas is our Iron Man, Z wants Allah SWT to give him powerful iron arms so no one can ever do what they did to him in Kerbala. ;(

Use play to keep relating the events at Kerbala and thereafter. Emphasize the lessons we need to implement in our lives. ‪#‎LabbaykYaHussain‬


Consolidating using legos


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