Colourful Kisses

Last night my daughter was very crabby (more like PMS at age 4.5!!) She was clearly refusing any hugs and kisses. She wasn’t particularly stormy but just irritated at anything and everything that came in her way.

I wanted her to let it out by crying, but it wasn’t happening.

Using our traffic light chart, I asked her gently, ‘You’re clearly not in green and you don’t seem to be in red, are you in orange maybe?’
She nodded. I picked her up, which thankfully she didn’t refuse.

I announced: ‘Right I’m mixing orange with some black’ and planted lots of ‘black’ kisses on her ‘orange’ face.
Then I made a silly face and said ‘ewwww!! You’re all black now!’ She laughed.

Then I tried another colour, blue and did the same, ‘Gross! Orange face and blue kisses make purply brown!’ She laughed harder and harder.

After a couple more coloured kisses, she was in stitches! Alhamd, not only did the her frustrations and anxieties fade away, we had a lot of giggles and fun while still dealing with calming her (hidden) ‘Big Feelings‘.

She soon admitted, said she was upset because she couldn’t find her shovel buried under the snow and she was worried it would get cold or the raccoon would take it.

Laughter is a great way of easing little people’s big feelings!

I am currently re-reading one of my fav parenting books: ‘Playful Parenting’ by Larry Cohen, to find some fresh playful inspirations. Highly recommend it for bringing lots of fun into parenting!



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