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Here are a few activities combined to honour one of the greatest man after the Holy Prophet SAWW – Imam Ali Abu Talib (as), from his magical birth inside the Holy Kaaba to his awesome sermons which still remain a mystery to many whether he was an angel who witnessed the creation of the universe or was he blessed with Divine knowledge!

1. Illustrate his magical birth inside the Holy Kaaba

Find the details here

Magical Birth

2. Read Nahjul Balagha for Children

An awesome book available as a free e-book and can also be bought (it’s an investment I promise!) that simplifies selected sermons with illustrations. These are amazing, just bite-size enough to introduce kids to Nahjal Balagha

This e-book is available thanks to an incredible resource Al-Islam.org.

Nahjal Balagha for Children

nahljal Balagha for Children

3. Understand his sermons through illustrations

I.Ali (as)’s sermons are so visual. They are made for every generation. And what an awesome head-start for to learn about and be fascinated with the earth, moon, starts, creation!

Model of the Earth

Here is a model of the Earth we did on Dahwul Ardh 1434.

Earth model

Image two is a school project (only took 30 mins and some everyday recyclable materials – shoe box, an old plastic baseball, acrylic paints black, blue and green, and star stickers)

earth school project

Analyse Birds and Do a Little Paper Plane Experiment

Get details here

birds - Nahjal Balagh

And the “Amazing” Peacock

Peacock - Nahjal Balagha

4. Make Your Own Nahjal Balagha!

Last year, we made a pop-up Nahjal Balagha. It’s a book that we love, and kids often marvel at their work and have even taken it to school for various projects (Earth day, Fav book day, etc).  Making it, is easier than you think – click image for more details.

Pop-up Nahjal Balagha



5. Read other books on I.Ali (as)

Alhamd, how lucky are we to have more an more people publishing Islamic books. Here is a wonderful book that kids will love reading over and over again! Isa The Incredible Climbs Mount Mushkil – by Twelver Kids.

They also have a Nasheed to go with this book on their website. Available to purchase at: Taqwa Media

Kids love stories and this website is full of short stories from the life of I.Ali (as).

Other recommended books include: Meet the Masumeen by HIC Kiddy Time and Morals of Masumeen all available from Taqwa Media


isa the incredible


6. Understand Immamah and who he was in relation to the Holy Prophet SAWW

To understand Nabuwwah and how each Prophet (pbut) brought down a message. Get full details here

I made up a jigsaw puzzle with beautiful positive character traits that they were in order to bring the message of Allah SWT. And how each one of them was a like a piece of puzzle with the last and best of them being the Holy Prophet SAWW, who complete the religion of Allah.


Then we talked about how the message of Nubuwwah and the character traits had to be passed on to all future generations, including ours, so we demonstrated Imamah as a tray or base which helped carried the jigsaw (message of Allah) through time. Get the details Nubuwwah and Imammah

Imamah-boardImamah-board undecorated










6. Video Clips

My kids love video clips and they love this Nasheed

This is a beautiful clip (I’m in awe!) and is probably more suitable for older kids. Perhaps you can even play a memory game to see how many titles of I.Ali (as) they can remember by the end of it!




At Islam From the Start you can find some more brilliant activities on Imam Ali (as)


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  • Moodi

    Slm, love all your Great ideas. I m mum of S (5) and little M(2), trying to take some ideas from you, I translate them in french and doing with them. Amazing how the Big one remembers and learns lots by playing and creating by himself. Thank You sooo Much!