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As the daily Majlises come to an end, it’s time we consolidate what happened at Kerbala and internalize the lessons learned. For a boy who doesn’t learn much from worksheets or sitting down, we’re using Legos to recall the events (one by one) of Ashura and InshA recapping and really […]

Consolidating the Events of Kerbala Using Legos

Alhmad after learning that I have the honourable name of H.Muslim’s mother – I feel an even greater responsibility to walk in her footsteps and bring up little Safeer e Imams who will represent Imam Al Hujjah in a fraction of a way that H.Muslim represented I.Hussein (as) So I […]

Kerbala Hero: Muslim Ibn Aqeel

Be like a Kerbala Hero   This year I’m hoping to make Muharram more practical. Even if it is overcoming daily challenges in the honour and strength of a Kerbala hero. Personally, I’ve listened to more majlises than the things I need to put into practice. We don’t just need […]

Muharram Flag Advent Calendar

My kids have been getting into a pickle about the sequence of events that bead together to form the whole ‘Event of Kerbala’   And usually I’d let it pass by as they are quite young to remember everything, but they seem to be getting frustrated.   Therefore I thought I’d make up […]

The Event of Kerbala Flashcards

Here is a kids-size Amaal Sheet I made for my kids.  Download it here   Ashura Poem Recited by my daughter, a description of the Maqtal

Amaal of Ashura

Images from Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said: “There is none who recites poetry about Husain (A.S.) and weeps and makes others weep by means of it, except that Allah makes Paradise incumbent upon him and forgives his sins.” On Ashura, on Ashura, When it was Fajr time,H.Ali Akber gave Adhan […]

Ashura Poem

I was so moved by this post (see below) and decided it was how I wanted me and my kids to connect to Imam Hussein (as) at his Majlis EVERY TIME.   And it was yet another wonderful opportunity to learn a gem of a hadith by our 6th Imam […]

Labbayk Ya Hussein – Mosque Etiquette

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These are some various activities and crafts that are not in a hand-book format, nevertheless still useful for little kids.   ACTIVITIES   Resource 1: Muslim Kids This is not an e-book but JPEG images of activities for kids to understand the events of Kerbala by Muslim Kids. Click on each […]

Muharram Resources – Activities and Crafts

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Here are some fantastic e-books consisting of craft ideas, hands-on activities and paper-based activity. Click on images to download the e-books Resource 1: A PDF of some paper-based activities to keep little ones busy while teaching them about the events of Kerbala      Resource 2: ASR KIDS This is a […]

Muharram Resources – e-Handbooks

Resource 1: is a brilliant Shia resource which has stories of Kerbala with illustrations and speech bubbles       Resource 2: I haven’t reviewed it yet but it looks good- a series of images with captions which narrate the story. See it here   Resource 3: Stories from last year […]

Muharram Resources – Online Stories

Timeless treasures and range from little ones to older kids. Here are a few I know of but please add any more at the comment box  1. ALIF, BAA, TAA OF KERBALA by Saleem Bhimji & Arifa Hudda   2. THE THIRST OF SAKINAH (SA) – illustrated by the orphan children […]

Muharram Resources – Books