Ahlul Bayt

Since I’m slowly springing back, thought it’d be nice to take the whole ‘Sun Behind the Cloud’ concept to make a Mu’min spy kit. Now we made Mu’min glasses two years back to understand the qualities of a Mu’min (believer) but using a secret (hidden) message and information would be […]

Mu’min Spy Kit for 15th Shabaan

My kids love pop up books, and these mini pop-up books are a wonderful way to get creative and learn about the personalities featured in the book and make a cute little companion for quiet times at the masjid. Our B.Sakina mini pop-up book was a great hit! It has […]

B.Fatima (as) Mini Pop-Up Book

The clue is in the cake…. ; ) We just dropped off some yummy B.Fatima (as)-themed cupcakes as this is the month dedicated to her, for a madressa PTA bake sale. Following on from the B.Fatima mini pop-up book this was a yummy way to encapsulate our learning on B.Fatima (as). […]

B.Fatima (as) Cupcakes

Arbaeen was a super busy time. There was hardly any space for us to sit let alone write in diaries or journals in the harams. I couldn’t justify being away from the haram so we hardly spent time at the hotel to write in our journals and so forth.   […]

Ziyarat TidBits: One Glance Sheets

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Here are a few activities combined to honour one of the greatest man after the Holy Prophet SAWW – Imam Ali Abu Talib (as), from his magical birth inside the Holy Kaaba to his awesome sermons which still remain a mystery to many whether he was an angel who witnessed […]

Celebrating the Birth of I.Ali (as)

Wiladat of I.Muhammed Taqi (as) Mubarak! We read some excerpts from his life and read that once he was attacked by Ma’moon who was drunk and angry at Imam (as) for something Imam hadn’t done. He came to Imam (as)’s house and attacked him with a sword, so much so […]

Hirze Jawaad – Imam Muhammed Taqi (as)

Here is the classroom version that we use in our Madressa Class, from the Masumeen Rocket Ship we did last year It can even be used as a prop in the bedroom or playroom and inshA that way kids will find will learn the names of the Masumeen (pbut) in […]

Masumeen Rocket Ship – Classroom Version

Most healthcare providers advice against co-sleeping and for very obvious reasons – the risk of infant death. Here is a good starter article which highlights co-sleeping safety. The recent viral research ”Bad news for dads: ‘Babies ‘should share mother’s bed until age three’ because it’s good for their hearts’ which has […]

Babies Co-Sleeping with Mothers according to I.Jafar Sadiq (as)

We made a pop-up book to help relate the story of B.Sakinah (as) and as she’s AlhamdulilA becoming an avid reader, a keepsake to have for years to come. It took us less than 30 mins, once I’d figured out how to do it. You’ll see below from the page-by-page […]

B.Sakinah (sa) Mini Pop-up Book

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As one shahadat date of I.Hassan (as) fell over the Thanksgiving holidays and the other one is due to fall around the Christmas break too, I thought I’d make something that the whole family can participate and kids can learn some things from I.Hassan (as) life So here is a […]

Imam Hassan Game

Did you know that it was I.Mohammed Baqir (as) who advised on what to stamp on the first Islamic coins! He suggested that one face should have ‘La ilaha Illallah’ and the other face ‘Muhammedur Rasulullah’ We briefly talked about how coins were minted and made some candy coins which […]

Imam Baqir (as) – First Islamic Coins

Demonstrate this through a mini-light table. Strictly-speaking this is not a light table it’s only a container lined with tin-foil and white tissue containing a string of fairy lights, all connected to an electric source. Nevertheless, it served the purpose : ) Materials Used: – A container with a transparent […]

Our Connection to I.Mahdi AF and his connection to Allah ...

Here is one way to make sufros more kid-friendly and make kids feel more involved! Sufro Puree’s haven’t been more interesting! Use cookie cutter shapes to cut out the puree’s. Recipe for Puree’s (makes 12-14 medium-sized shapes)– 1.5 cup white flour– 1 tsp salt– 2 tbsp oil Bind the dough […]

I.Jafar Sadiq (as) Sufro

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My daughter is into books. I’ve often found some pieces of paper where she has written a few sentences from her reading books and she has more than once told me that she wishes to be a writer. So had to find a way to combine her love of books […]

Pop-Up Nahjal Balagha

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“The most amazing among them is the peacock in its creation, which Allah has created in the finest harmony and arranged its hues in the best composition, with wings well tacked together and a long trailing tail” (Sermon 165) Then we looked at the peacock bird. We made a fan […]

The Amazing Peacock – Nahjal Balagha

Here are some ways to make learning the names of the Masumeen and Twelve Imams (pbut) in a fun way! 1.The Twelve Imams Clock Got a paper plate, some card and fastener? Make this Twelve Imams Clock, where each arrow is labelled with the name of the Imam (as) and […]

5+ Fun Ways to Learn the Names of the twelve ...

We did B.Fatima (as)’s timeline yesterday as wonderfully executed and shared by Islam From the Start, then my daughter suggested we put into a flower shape because Az-Zahra means a flower (she was soooo happy the first time I told her her name was B.Fatima (as)’s name and it meant […]

Faatima Zahra AS – The Most Beautiful Flower

Nearly a year ago (2013), we started writing Areezahs to I.Mahdi (atf) every Friday or even Thursday evenings. Alhamd, of all the things that I do with the kids, this has been something we’ve most regularly kept doing.   At first, our Areezhas were just sticking stickers, as they couldn’t […]

Connecting With I.Mahdi AF – Kid-Freindly Areezahs

Nearly a year ago, we started writing Areezahs to I.Mahdi (atf) every Friday or even Thursday evenings. Alhamd, of all the things that I do with the kids, this has been something we’ve most regularly kept doing. At first, our Areezhas were just sticking stickers, as they couldn’t write. We’d […]

Connecting with I.Mahdi AF – Kid-Friendly Areezahs

Imam Hassan (as) was a very clever Imam. Together with having excellent manners and being a very polite and generous human being, he was very very clever. And why wouldn’t he have been? He grew up in the best ofhouseholds, his grandfather was our Holy Prophet SAWW, his mother B.Faatima (sa) […]

Imam Hassan (as)

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To understand Eid al Ghadeer we made a tree, to show that P.Muhammed and I.Ali are part of ONE TREE (as recited in dua e Nudba)   With the Barakah of fall and leaves all around us, we did some leaf painting : )   The roots were Usul e […]

Tree of Islam – Eid al Ghadeer

Can anything real get anymore magical than this (apart from Me’raj obviously!) If your kids love all things fairytale and magical, then they’ll also love this illustration of the birth of I.Ali (as) inside the Holy Kaaba Excuse the shabby craft project, it was done during our very first days […]

Magical Birth of I.Ali (as)