Being Thankful Games

1. Being Thankful Game

Sung to the tune of ‘Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar…”

This is a great game for classrooms, car rides or even as a dinner conversation-starter. Play it regularly and you’ll be surprised to see how creative little ones (and adults) get with what they’re thankful for!

Being Thankful Game

2. Rose & Thorn Thankfulness Game


My kids didn’t take to this game too well perhaps they’re a little young to understand, but your older kids might like it. And of course, its great for us adults too!

Basically, its an after-dinner game where you thank Allah (SWT) for the rosy (happy) as well as the thorny moments of your day. Because it is the high AND the low moments that bring us closer to the Almighty. Hence we’re thankful for whatever that brings us closer to Him!

The rose representing the good things and thorns representing the bad times. Ask each participant to talk about the rosy part of their day and the thorny part.

When the rose and thorn analogy becomes trite, come up with a new analogy!

Apparently, it’s a very popular game in the Pr. Obama family.



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