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Most healthcare providers advice against co-sleeping and for very obvious reasons – the risk of infant death. Here is a good starter article which highlights co-sleeping safety.

The recent viral research ”Bad news for dads: ‘Babies ‘should share mother’s bed until age three’ because it’s good for their hearts’ which has shifted the perspective and liberated mums who truly and deeply believe that SAFELY co-sleeping with their baby not only helps tend to the babies’ needs but it is also crucial for connecting with the baby and for the baby’s brain and emotional development later on in life.

But hear this, in their study they found that co-sleeping with the baby was good for the baby’s HEART due to the restful sleep babies had when co-sleeping.

I.Jafar Sadiq (as) some over 1400 years ago, had already shared this with us.

And his advice, now backed by scientific evidence, doesn’t just stop there but goes on to explain  HOW  to co-sleep with your baby.

Good Advice for Mothers (extracted from Al-Islam.Org)

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) has advised mothers that they should put their new born babies to sleep on their left side.

For centuries this advice was considered by many as meaningless and absurd since no one could see any use in putting babies to sleep on the left side of mothers. Some people even went to the extent of remarking that it was dangerous to carry out his instructions. Mothers may take a turn while sleeping and crush the baby to death. No one in the East or West took that advice seriously. Even during the Renaissance period, when scholars in Europe studied every theory critically, no one tried to find out whether it had a scientific basis.

In 1865, Ezra Cornell founded the Cornell University in NYK. In this university he set up under the department of medicine, an institute for the Research on New Born and Suckling Babies. A research scholar of this institute who traveled to different parts of the world, observed that mothers in every country carried their babies in the left arms.

Doctors in this institute observed that babies who are put to sleep on the left side of their mothers sleep more soundly and peacefully but those who are put on the right side, wake up every now and then and cry. It was reported that for the first few days after their birth, babies would have no rest at all, if they are not on the left side of their mothers.

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