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http://civilengineeringmcq.com/?oem=how-to-buy-Adobe-Captivate-5&dac=79 We made a pop-up book to help relate the story of B.Sakinah (as) and as she’s AlhamdulilA becoming an avid reader, a keepsake to have for years to come.

http://eventsbase.co.uk/?p=buy-Autodesk-AutoCAD-MEP-2015&5fc=67 mini-pop-up book

watch It took us less than 30 mins, once I’d figured out how to do it.

http://citydiamondcontracting.org/?oem=buying-copies-of-microsoft-office&639=86 You’ll see below from the page-by-page images, how simple it can be.

You will need:

follow url 1. Cardstock in multiple colors preferably otherwise you can make it look creative by colouring in!
2. Yellow construction piece of paper (smaller than A6)
3. A construction paper, color of your choice (bigger than A5) to use as a cover page for the book 
4. Markers
5. A camel and a Masq cut-out or sticker (will try posting a template soon, so check back for these!)
7. Some glittery foam for the shrine (optional) or you could colour or put glitter on card for the dome and door
8. Glue stick, sticky tape and washi tape (optional)
9. A pair of scissors
10. A breath of creativity : ) (we’re still finding ours)

where can i buy Autodesk Showcase 2012 32 bit  

http://clicklines.com/?oem=buy-cheap-Adobe-Technical-Communication-Suite-3.5&437=75 We made a mini pop-up book. We folded an A4 into half (A5) and further folded the A5 into half (A6). But you could make it any size you want. 

source url There were 5 pages in our book but again, you can do as much as or as little as you want.


Page 1: House Scene

page 1 instructions

So it looks like this (I swapped the card colours for the demo in case you’re wondering!)

Page 2: Kerbala Scene

Page 2 instructions

follow So it looks like this:




Page 3: Desert Scene

Exactly the same as Page 2, except stick a camel cut-out instead of the Mashq to look like this



Page 4: Prison Scene

page 4 instructions

download Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business 64 bit So it looks like this:



Page 5: Shrine Scene

page5 instructions

So it looks like this:



After that, stick all the non pop-up pages back to back. You can use glue stick or staples. I reinforced the sticking with some transparent sticky tape on the edges, but you could even use washi tape to make it look fancier


Finally, wrap the construction paper (bigger than A5 but smaller than A4), around the the mini book front and back,  to create a cover and back page. 
Cut to size and stick it on.

Decorate and give your book a title, name of author, illustrator etc.

cover page


InshA, trying to make templates so it’s easier to do as a classroom activity, so do check back!

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me if you need more clarification : )


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