B.Fatima (as) Mini Pop-Up Book

My kids love pop up books, and these mini pop-up books are a wonderful way to get creative and learn about the personalities featured in the book and make a cute little companion for quiet times at the masjid.

Our B.Sakina mini pop-up book was a great hit! It has seen the best of two years of Muharram and Safar and has even travelled all the way to Kerbala for Arbaeen! And the I.Ali (as) pop-upNahjul Balagha has survived many show and tells at school!
Seeing the opportunities to get creative with B.Fatima (as)’s timeline, I thought it would be great to make a mini pop-up book that will be a keepsake for years to come inshA!

Mini pop-up books are easier than you think and really don’t take much time, requiring basic supplies.

Items we used:
– Coloured Card (to make it more colourful, use different pastel colours)
– A pair of scissors
– Glue stick
– Crayons and markers for drawing
– Printed craft paper for the front flower (optional)
– Gem stickers (optional)
– 1 paper doily (optional)
– Washi tape to make a border on the edges (optional not shown in the pictures below)
– Text for the book (Download it here)


Here’s How (Instructions for a Mini Pop-up Book – A6 sized with a landscape layout)

1. Fold the A4 card into half and cut through the shorter length

2. Fold each half into half again, so you’ll get two pages (A6 landscape) for the book

3. Mark the middle with a pencil and cut a slit 1-2cm on one side from the center 

4. Do the same on the opposite sideMini Pop-up base

5. Pop out the little protruding square and fold it out. Now this forms the base of all our pop-ups

6. Highly Recommend: Make an outline for each pop-up on card (paper will flop easily so use a card), decorate and stick on! Easy peasy!

7. If you must: Alternatively use these images by printing onto card, colouring in, cutting them out and sticking them onto the protruding square you folded in step 5

6. Print out the text, cut it out and stick onto the right section on the right page!


Here are some images from our pop-up book. You don’t needn’t be an artist to do the pop-ups yourself, just make an outline on card, decorate and go from there. 


Front page

Make a front page flower from here



Wedding dress

To add a little elegance to the dress we folded a doily into half and kept on folding until we got this A-shape (I tucked in the peak of the triangle) and added it to the dress




For the Tasbih I cut out an elliptical ring with the Tasbih tassel and then got my daughter to cut out little circles (gave lots of practice with the scissors) and stick them on to make a Tasbih. 





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