B.Fatima (as) Cupcakes

The clue is in the cake…. ; )

We just dropped off some yummy B.Fatima (as)-themed cupcakes as this is the month dedicated to her, for a madressa PTA bake sale. Following on from the B.Fatima mini pop-up book this was a yummy way to encapsulate our learning on B.Fatima (as).

Each cupcake topper has a question, and the clue is in the cupcake (for most of them). Really hoping kids (and adults!) will learn something as they enjoy a yummy treat InshA!

After making these with them, I know my kids won’t forget these details about B.Fatima (as)’s life for a long time 

These would also make really cool Tabarukhs for a majlis or Sufro of B.Fatima (as) so kids get to take away a Tabarukh that’s more than food.


Here is a closeup of our sugary mess ; )

The Mother of her Father

bandaid cupcake

A Match Made in Jannah

Ali cupcake

The Wedding Dress made in Jannah

dress cupcake

The gift of Tasbih

Tasbih cupcake

Her Favorite Suwer

55 cupcake


56 cupcake


The House where the angels came as beggar, orphan and captive 

S.Dahr cupcake

The Garden snatched away….

garden cupcake
As Salaah 
salaah cupcake

All posts on B.Fatima (as) can be found on this link: #‎YaFatimaTJannah‬

Download the cupcake toppers from here


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