Asmaul Husna Feelings Wheel

We’ve been doing a lot of talking on ‘feelings’, as we have all sorts of feelings flying everywhere, sometimes getting all tangled up which makes it hard to express them and therefore gets difficult to heal/release

I found two absolutely wonderful books on feelings (see image) to introduce ‘feelings’ to my kids.
1. Call Upon the Almighty through His Marvelous Book The Holy Qur’an by Ibn Ali & Binte Abbas – Highly recommend!!
2. The Feelings Boon by Todd Parr

We decided to make a little feelings wheel to help identify what they were feeling (name the feeling) and how to heal the feelings through Asmaul Husna.

I picked 8 feelings relevant for my daughter (they are also ones I thought she could understand)
For my 3 year old, I picked 4 simple emotions that he could identify and relate to

Feelings Wheel

I was wary of explaining things like jealousy and irritated. Perhaps, I felt if we didn’t get them out of Pandora’s box, they’d stay there forever and let my kids be little and happy forever – where do I even start explaining jealousy to my 5 year old baby girl?

Surprise surprise, she was so pleased (and seemed relieved) to know about Jealousy and said, ‘Now that makes sense! That’s how I was feeling in the car the other day, remember mummy?’ I was shocked!!!

I was also elated when she asked if we could keep the wheel someplace she can access independently!

And While taking the pics below, I was surprised to see she had even sneakily found and stuck a smiley sticker after we put it away!

Kids experience lots of feelings and most of the time can’t make sense of them. They hoard them without being able to release them appropriately. These feelings all build up and eventually get unleashed through tantrums, crying, incessant whining, being silly, being physically active (even hyperactive), laughing (you know sometimes they’ll just have a laughing episode over nothing or act really really silly), just so we can connect with them and help ’empty their backpack’ (as Dr Markham puts it) and guide them appropriately

This wheel helps identify their feelings and how Allah’s beautiful names can once again help us in feeling better.

وَلِلَّهِ الْأَسْمَاءُ الْحُسْنَىٰ فَادْعُوهُ بِهَا ۖ
‘To Allah belong the Best Names, so call Him by them’ (S.Al A’raaf:180)



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