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Mornings tend be quite crazy for us. My main problem is kids being around me –¬† tugging my PJ while I try to get their breakfast ready.

So I thought I would distract them with something useful AND absolutely Awesome!

Daily Asmaul Husna Matching Activity!

daily asmaul husna

This matching activity helps to:
– Know what day it is [more for me than the kids!]
– And learn the AWESOME Asmaul Husna recommended for that day :)


Materials Used:

1. Ordinary wooden clothes pegs.
2. Some foam sheets
3. Sharpies
4. Magnet strips

¬†Magnet strips can be expensive to buy, so here’s a great way to put all those promotional magnets to good use!

magnet strips

For the very little ones you can paint the pegs the same colour as the foam piece so they can begin familiarizing themselves with the names.

I am encouraging my two to read as much as possible (even just the beginning letters) so I left the pegs un-coloured.


The Daily Asmaul Husna was obtained from QFatima



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