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As part of our Asmaul Husna Series, I started this morning routine of matching the day of the week with the Asmaul Husna for the day!
And we love it and STILL do it!

Alhamd, now that they are more familiar with the Asmaul Husna, I thought I’d introduce the Arabic text and the meaning for my 5 year old.

Graduating the activity so it’s a little more challenging for her and so she learns new things while still keeping to the awesome routine!

Using the same materials foam sheets, pegs, magnet strips and sharpies, the aim of this level of the activity is to:
– Get her to read the Asmaul Husna in Arabic
– Start familiarizing herself with the translation of the Asmaul Husna

This has led to joint-working between the two – my son matches the Asmaul Husna – Same Activity from last year and then my daughter peeks the Asmaul Husna to find it in her pot. Then sticks it onto the fridge.

For now, I’ve placed the pegs clipped to the foam sheets so she starts memorizing them before I take the pegs off completely and she’ll have to start reading not only the Arabic version but match the Asmaul Husna to what it means independently!



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