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Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said: “There is none who recites poetry about Husain (A.S.) and weeps and makes others weep by means of it, except that Allah makes Paradise incumbent upon him and forgives his sins.”

On Ashura, on Ashura,
When it was Fajr time,
H.Ali Akber gave Adhan then I.Hussein led namaaz.

Good companions, good companions,
Lined up to protect out Imam,
They were shot with arrows,
Many arrows on their backs.

One by one, one by one,
The companions were hit,
They fell from their horses,
calling for our Imam

They called out, they called out
Peace be upon you O Imam,
Imam ran to the battlefield to find them on the ground

Imam was sad, Imam was sad,
He was sad to see them hurt
He told them that Allah was pleased with them
And they will go to Paradise

Aun and Mohammed, Aun and Mohammed,
Even prince Qasim was killed,
H.Ali Akber was shot with an arrow,
The arrow pierced his chest

The children were thirsty, the children were thirsty
H.Abbas went to get water
They shot arrows at his arms and eyes,
Making him fall from his horse

Imam was lonely, Imam was lonely,
He called out got help,
Baby Ali Asgher threw himself out of his cradle
In reply to Imam’s call

Imam took him, Imam took him,
He took him to quench his thirst
Hurmala the evil man shot an arrow,
The arrow slit the baby’s throat

There was no one, there was no one
No one left to help our Imam,
The enemies showers him with arrows,
Stones and arrows made him bleed

Imam fell, Imam fell
He fell to the ground
Shimr the evil man, killed Imam when
Imam was in sujood

We are sad, we are crying
We are very very sad
Allah please punish the enemies who killed
Imam, his family and friends

O my Allah, O my Allah
Help me always pray on time,
Doing good to seek your pleasure
So I can join Imam in Paradise


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