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Here is a simple buoyancy experiment that is fun to do, helps illustrate and inshA ingrain the concept/Hadith of our H.Prophet (SAWW): “As Salaat al Merajul Mu’min” – Salaah helps a Mu’min rise to great heights in all aspects of life.


Items you’ll need:

– A tall clear tumbler, one wide enough to accommodate an egg
– An egg
– Sharpie or permanent markers
– Five small containers
– Stickers or to label the containers
– Chopstick or skewer to stir
– water
– 17 tsps of salt


How to do:

1. Start by asking kids to identify each Salaah, time of Salaah and the number of rakaats

2. Label each container with a Salaat e.g Fajr, Zohr, Asr etc

3. Get kids to measure out one tsp of salt for each rakaat in each container. In the image below I was working on strengthening fine grip so I asked them to clip little pegs for rakaats on each container 


4. Get kids to draw a face or a person with a name on the egg eith a permanent marker (the narrow end of the egg floats at the top while the wider end is at the bottom – we should’ve drawn the person upside down)¬†

5. Fill 3/4 of the tumbler with water

6. Plop the egg into the tumbler and watch. The egg will sink


7. Explain that this girl/boy didn’t pray Salaah hence he sank

8. Now start adding the containers (Salaah) into the girl/boy’s day one by one, stirring after each one

9. Get kids to watch closely what is happening to the egg


10. The egg starts to rise and float



After adding Salaah to our day, we can rise high above and be a floater : )



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