Arabic Sound Cards

We start our Madressa class with Arabic sound cards, where the letters are recited by its name e.g Jim, Daal etc and the sound e.g Ja, Da, etc (inshA will post a clip soon)

One of them goes up with a long pointer and leads the sound card recitation like this: “The letter is Alif and the sound is ‘Aa’, the letter is Ba and the sound is ‘Ba’….”

Here is a short clip showing you how we do the sound cards.

This really helps the distinction between the name and sound, and helps each letter being pronounced properly.

In addition, I’ve added a little colour-coded visual reminder of what type of letter it is (Tafkheem, Tarqeeq or Mushtaraq).
*The images on the right have a slight error – should read Tarqeeq

This could also be very handy for the little ones. If you have an Arabic board book or flashcards, use a sticker showing the full mouth and flat mouth sounds so InshA, they’ll be on the right track with their pronunciation

Arabic Sound Cards


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