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So it’s back to school…where does the time fly??!!

Here is a compilation of activities and little gestures to help them adjust going back to school… the Islamic way ….


1. Start the day with Asmaul Husna

One of the most useful activities I ever got going! The kids have gradually grown more and more familiar with the Asmaul Husna of the day and it’s meaning. With my older one, I’ve progressed on to the Arabic writing matching with the meaning – See Asmaul Husna Advanced.

It’s perfect to get those morning grumps into the ‘mood’ and keeps the leg-tuggers busy doing something else while you fix their brekkie and pack their lunch!

daily asmaul husna


2. Reciting a few verses of the Holy Qur’an

Hard, I know! Almost impossible – I hear you! But if possible, make some time…even 5 minutes…this paves way to a more smoother day. Don’t just take it from me, read here how the Holy Qur’an shapes our brains, relaxes yet alerts us (a comparison study of H.Quran to classical music) and how just pronouncing the word ‘Allah’ has effects on our whole body, perhaps, giving up 10 mins extra sleep might seem more like an investment in this world and the next inshA

brain imaging quran


3. Associate their school supply / stationary with verses from the H. Qur’an and awesome Duas

Last year after buying our first ever back-to-school supply list, I helped her associate everyday stationary to some verses from the Holy Qur’an and some common Duas. Read about this very popular and widely-shared post here


4. Build their Characters with Awesome Personalities {Shia ref : ) }

This one is too close to my heart. Written out of a mixture of love, pride and fear when my daughter started attending school full time. Linked to the five Panjetans (Ahlul Kisa), a letter to advice her to be kind, be polite, feel beautiful, be patient and work her best. And a little idea for a keyring too!


5. Armor them with THIS verse

An antidote to mean words. Yes, yes, yes! Equip them with this awesome verse that helps alleviate mean words until they can be soothed by you.


6. Some chicken soup stories to ease them back to school

This particular story is for little ones and it worked wonders for us. There are tons and tons of stories that help kids ease into school and alleviate their anxieties. A little web search will yield plenty of useful and fun resources.




Big kids might enjoy this……

Here’s one I like to share my kids…. you can even use a crayon box which makes it all more fun

and another little crayon story….


7. Remind them of their Teachers’ Rights

Sahifa Sajjadiyya – Risatal Huqooq No. 16 – is an excellent resource to lay down some expectations. InshA might be able to post something on this soon since we really enjoyed putting together her teacher’s end of year hamper after looking at the rights of a teacher.


8.  Get Organized with a Calendar

A peaceful busy home is usually an organized home with a few sprinkles of spontaneity. Keep on top of things with an Islamic Calendar wall, that will clearly display their schedules and help them be in sync with the Islamic dates and events. InshA our monthly Islamic Calendars will resume soon – keep a look out on the Towards Jannah page.

This calendar wall is a life saver!



9. Make a visual schedule with multiple clocks.

Bred from the frustration of having to look up the time when my husband was in three time zones in one week, I started to feel like what it must feel like to be in my kids’ shoes…

school clocks

10 Last but not the least – Pray for them!

Sahifa Sajjadiyya Dua No 25 – Need I say more?!

Dua Imam Zainul Abideen


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